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Our clinic has certain policies in place to protect the overall health, management and confidentiality of our patients as well as our team. Please see below a list of our practice policies.


Magnus Medical Glenroy is a bulk billing practice, which means there will be no out-of-pocket expense to see our doctors for patients who have a valid Medicare card in most cases.

We only charge patients who don't have Medicare for consultations with our doctors, and for services that are not covered by Medicare such as Pre-Employment, Fitness & Driving Medicals, as well as some procedures.

Private patients who don't have Medicare but have private health insurance with GP cover (such as Allianz, NIB, Medibank or others) will be charged a rebate only fee on the day. The rebate amount is what Medicare charges per consult, this means that you will be able to claim the full amount back from your private health insurance upon providing them with a receipt. Patients getting reimbursed for consultations is strictly conditional on agreements with their own providers, we kindly ask that you check with your private health insurance provider regarding the level of medical cover you have before attending our practice.

Appointments with our Allied Health are only bulk billed for patients who have an EPC (Care Plan for Chronic Conditions). Consultation fees apply to patients who don’t have an EPC, and payment is required on the day.

Please be advised that our preferred payment method is by card EFT on the day. We cannot accept cash payments at our medical centre unless the consult fee is paid in the exact amount, as we do not keep change at our premises, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

View the private charges for our GPs and Allied Health Appointment Fees.

Cancellation / Non-attendance

If you can no longer attend your appointment there are several ways you can cancel or reschedule, through your confirmation email, via the Health Engine app, by replying to your appointment text message reminder, or by calling our friendly staff. Please note a fee may apply if you cancel less than 2 hours prior to your appointment or fail to attend your appointment.

New Patients

If you are a new patient to the practice, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time to complete our new patient forms. Please bring your Medicare card and any concession or health care cards (from Centrelink or DVA) with you on the day.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer telehealth consultations to new patients as a first visit due Medicare rules.

Drug Prescription

Appointments are required to obtain a prescription from our doctors. We do not prescribe high-risk medications to any patients without having received their medical history and or otherwise approved by the relevant GP at our clinic. Magnus Medical and its practitioners reserve the right to reject, disapprove or discontinue the prescribing of certain medications to patients.


If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms such as cough, cold, fever, sore throat or you have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, please inform our staff before attending your appointment. In addition, we kindly ask that you undergo a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) prior to your appointment and wait for a negative result before coming to our clinic.

We also kindly ask that you wear a mask while attending our practice if you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, this allows us to protect the safety of all our patients as well as our staff.

We do not perform testing for Covid-19 at our medical centre.


Our team is constantly monitoring your health so that we can best care for you, one of the ways we do this is by adding clinical reminders on your file for follow–ups. For example, some of our reminders include recalls for immunisations, care plans and health assessments, pathology and radiology tests, specialist letters or correspondence, and more.

Our staff may call you around the time your reminders are due to help you book an appointment, or otherwise you may receive your reminders from us as a text message (you can always opt-out of receiving text messages from us by letting our staff know).


The completion of tests and outcome of results can vary anywhere between 24 hours and 2 weeks in some cases. Most pathology and radiology test results come back to us within 2-3 days, although other tests such as cervical screenings and nail clippings can take up to 2-4 weeks to be processed in the lab. You can always call our friendly staff and enquire if your results are back and ready to be discussed with our GPs.

Once we have received your results from pathology, radiology or specialist providers, they are reviewed by the relevant GP who has requested those tests and actioned according to their requirements. We only call you regarding your results if there are any concerns the doctor would like to discuss with you, whether it is urgent or non-urgent. We do not call you however if your results require no-action, but you can still book a recall/results appointment with us if you wish to discuss your results further with the GP or obtain a copy.

Unfortunately, we cannot release a copy of your results to you unless they have already been discussed between you and our GPs, this allows us to provide appropriate health care, maintain best practice and adhere to medical standard guidelines.

Nursing Services

Our experienced and friendly nurses are here to assist our doctors in a range of services, such as immunisations, procedures, care plans and health assessments, wound management and more. However, due to medicolegal requirements and appropriate standards of health care, our Nurses cannot consult or conduct procedures with patients without also booking an appointment with our GPs at the same time.

Appointments are required to see our nurses as well as our doctors.

Urgent & After Hours Care

Our clinic only provides general practitioner, allied health, and pathology services. Our capacity for attending to urgent medical needs is limited, and so we strongly advise anyone who needs immediate medical attention to either dial 000 or visit their nearest hospital emergency department.

If you need medical assistance or care in the after hours, please call the National Home Doctor Service on 13SICK (13 74 25)


Some of our doctors offer telehealth consultations to patients where and when it is appropriate and practical to do so, some health issues are either not suitable for telehealth services or are prohibited by Medicare.

If approved by our GPs, we may be able to offer telehealth consultations for general medical advice, medical or carer certificates, repeat prescriptions, discussing results and recall reminders.

Please keep in mind that our doctors prioritise face to face appointments over telehealth appointments, which means if the doctor has attempted to call you for your telehealth appointment and you have missed the call, they may have moved on to seeing patients waiting in the clinic. In this case you simply need to call us back and we will advise the relevant doctor to return your call, which they will do so if time permits (i.e., In between seeing other patients).

We kindly ask that you allow considerable time around your telehealth appointment for our practitioners to call you as they may be running behind. It is also important that you keep your contact details up to date with us so that our GPs are calling you on the right number.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Our clinic has a zero tolerance policy. Any behaviour that is harmful or disruptive to staff or patients, such as physical violence, verbal abuse, harassment or discrimination, will not be tolerated.

Patients who engage in any of these behaviours may be asked to leave the premises immediately and could be reported to the authorities.

Magnus Medical and its staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who engages in any behaviour that violates this policy.

All staff members are trained to recognize and respond to any behaviour that violates this policy.

Magnus Medical will take appropriate disciplinary action against any staff member who violates this policy.

For urgent medical care please call 000. For any non–urgent after–hours medical care, please call the National Home Doctor Service on 13 74 25 (13 SICK).